Sports Illustrated + Sports Illustrated Kids
Sports Illustrated + Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated - Weekly (28 issues) + Sports Illustrated For Kids - 1 year subscription (12 issues). Includes FREE digital edition on both!

Sports Illustrated Magazine is one of the leading sports magazines in the world. Every issue features a wide range of sports-related articles and photographs, including columns written by the leading sports analysts and announcers. From previews of upcoming seasons to articles detailing the world behind the scenes, Sports Illustrated Magazine offers a one-of-a-kind look at your favorite players and teams.
Every subscription comes with the infamous swimsuit issue, which features some of the most beautiful models and female athletes posing on the cover and on the pages. Once you finish looking at that issue, you can jump into the Leading Off section, which provides photographs of major events and games.
Sports Illustrated Magazine includes a section devoted to the top games from past years, excerpts from books written by athletes and celebrities, information about upcoming games, news on teams and players, and previews before each new major sports season begins, including baseball, hockey, football, and basketball.
Launched in January 1989, Sports Illustrated Kids (SI KIDS) was created as a monthly spin-off of Sports Illustrated. Leveraging our vast experience in developing kid-targeted content, SI KIDS leverages its youth and publishing expertise to grab the attention of a notoriously hard-to-reach audience. Connecting with kids through their passion for sports, SI KIDS provides them with the ultimate destination for news, photos, entertainment and sports information.
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