Batter Dispenser/Grease Separator
Batter Dispenser/Grease Separator

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A clever chef’s tool that can be used as a batter dispenser or a grease separator. For batter dispensing, add your choice of batter and pull the release handle for the perfect pour every time. As a grease separator, this tool is designed to give you the best tasting gravy or sauce without the fat and grease. Simply pour pan drippings through the top (strainer is also removable), wait for grease to settle on the top and release the liquid by squeezing the handle. Your sauce or gravy will slip through the bottom, while the grease and fat will be left in the container. The measurements are printed on the side to achieve the correct amount every time. With no more spills, your clean up time will be cut in half.

  • 32 oz. capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Boxed
  • Colors may vary

Our Price: $19.00

Product Code: 17476